We are the dynamic company with a fast-growing market share, operating within the entire Czech Republic and we are seeking new capable and communicative coworkers from all regions to join our mortgage team.

Mortgage Consultant (with Experience)

We are interested in individuals having some experience in area of loan processing, who are interested in broadening their portfolio of offered products and services of individual banking institutions, and who want to find a reliable partner for regular and timely commission payments. Own contacts are the advantage!

Mortgage Consultant (with No Experience)

We are also interested in individuals having a business-like attitude who would like to start a trade with mortgage products and who have a good potential for trading in mortgage loans but are lacking the practical knowledge and experience with processing the mortgage loans. Even you can get the necessary Know-How with our help; you can start up your engines and let your potential to surface.

Mortgage Advisor

To those, who have potential prospects for mortgage loans within their influence and who do not want to personally participate in a complex processing and completion of mortgage loans (Real Estate Brokers welcomed), we offer the formal position of Mortgage Advisor with adequate advisor’s commission.
Please Contact for More Information (Please, leave your e-mail address and your telephone number) or call +420 777 692 889.

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